TESTIMONIALS about the dramas & teaching ministry

Reviews of Living Witnesses drama ministry

Historically accurate and related to us in our day

"Gwen's characters are historically accurate, yet very much in touch with the realities of living for Christ today.  They possess a balance of both strength and tenderness."                                                                     

                                                                                                                   Professor Martha Miser, Ph.D., Whittier College

Creative and Inspiring

"I have seen Gwen brilliantly re-enact these inspiring and powerful women and clearly communicate how God used them in remarkable and miraculous ways that changed history!  There is a great need for believers today to know, appreciate, and learn from Church history so we can be more fruitful for Christ in our lives today.  Some actors are talented enough to be able to continually portray one or two characters well, at best, however, Gwen is uniquely gifted to not only write her own scripts but portray seven of them! vividly and accurately with grace that enriches the mind and uplifts the heart.  I highly recommend her dramas."   ​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                           Barbara Johnson, Author, Humorist, "Women of Faith" speaker ​​

History came to life for us in a most moving way

 "Catherine Booth came to life in a most moving way.  Gwen's careful research makes the presentation most believable, and most of all she has caught the spirit of the Army Mother."                                                                    

                                      Frances Dingman, Salvation Army Historian, U.S. Western Territorial Headquarters​​

"Martin and Katie Luther's life really comes to life through Gwen's inspired performance. I was fascinated with her creative script and dynamic portrayal of the Great Reformer's remarkable spouse." 

                                                                             Roger Nelson, Actor, C.T.I.A./ Screen Actors Guild                                                                                                                            (portrayed Rev. John Wesley around the world for over 30 years)​​

God was Glorified!

  "Lady Clare was beautifully portrayed, and our Lord Jesus reigned throughout.  The precious moments when Clare exchanged her garments of nobility for the simple habit had tears coursing down my cheeks."                                                                                                                                                        Clare Cooper, St. Francis Catholic Church 

Drama is the back door to the heart

"Through her Living Witnesses drama ministry Gwen Ehrenborg possesses the rare gift of making great Christian women of history come alive in authentic and believable ways."                                                                                        Dr. Jack Tuell, United Methodist Bishop


Exceeded our greatest expectations

​"How can I say more than the people did last night as they left the church!  We were all entertained, educated, inspired and challenged!  Thank you for a service that exceeded even our greatest expectations!"      

                                                                                        Rev. Clark Robb, Anaheim United Methodist Church, CA​ 

Communicating Biblical and Spiritual Truths

"We saw Susanna Wesley, and she was superb!  Ruth and I have been to Broadway and in large cities for professional performances, many of which lacked the aliveness and professionalism that Gwen gave.  It was really a blessing, not only the entertainment value but the spiritual truths that she taught."                                     

                                                                                            Rev. Harry Wood, Visalia United Methodist Church, CA

Powerful sharing of the Good News

 "Drama in the Christian tradition has always been a powerful mode of communicating the Gospel.   I have experienced that power in our day with the dramatic presentations of Gwen Ehrenborg.   I commend them heartily to as wide an audience as possible."    

                                                                                   Rev. Edward Rauff, Fellowship Lutheran Church, San Gabriel, CA 

Our Retreat brought us together in God's Love

 "What a marvelous retreat we had!  I really felt surrounded by  God's love, and all the women I have talked with felt the same  way. We came from different churches and left feeling like  one because of your joyful leadership."                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                  Lori Mandir, Santa Ana, CA​​