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For over 40 years Gwen Ehrenborg has . . .

For over 40 years Gwen Ehrenborg has imaginatively organized and led a wide variety of Retreats and Seminars for all ages as a Conference and Retreat Speaker.  Her many creative gifts and talents have inspired and encouraged people of all ages and backgrounds since 1981. In addition to her drama presentations of great women of Church History she is available for teaching and preaching and Conference or Retreat leadership.  For information please call 714-606-6111.

Sample 3-Day Retreats

At Home in the Heart of God
The heart of the Father of the Trinity is presented symbolically as the many rooms of a medieval castle revealing the glorious attributes of our God.

Behold the Bridegroom Ever True
Jesus, the 2nd person of the Holy Trinity, is seen at the Bridegroom of an ancient Jewish Wedding with re-enactments of each part of the ceremony, revealing His commitment to us, His bride.​

Holy Spirit Reign Down
Meet the third-person of the Trinity in his powerful activity in the Old and New Testaments and experience life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Free in the Spirit
God’s Words that make us free to be fully what he has meant each one of us to be.

Your Favor with The King of Kings . . . for Such a Time as This
How Queen Esther saved her nation from total genocide and models a realistic lifestyle for us today.

Lifestyles of the Righteous and Faithful
Meet remarkable men and women of the Bible who were rich and famous in faith. 

Sample 1-Day Retreats

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus  - The perfectly, practical parables of Jesus for today's living

The Perfect Ten  - God’s “Life Code” for surviving today’s crazy mixed-up world

Great Women of the Bible - In-depth case studies of what made ordinary women extraordinary

The 10 Steps of God’s Covenant with Us  -  Old and New Testament ancient covenant-making                                          ceremonies in the life of Jesus that he fulfills as the King of Kings

The Ancient Jewish Wedding Ceremony  - Experience the parts of the ancient Jewish wedding,  whereby Jesus fulfills his role as our Beloved Bridegroom.

Most Requested Sermons

"Do the Next Right Thing"  How we can simply and most accurately know God’s will for ourselves.

“Why doesn’t God Do Something about Injustice?" The problem that questions God’s fairness and his actual Lordship of the universe. 

"Jesus Our Joy"  How Jesus reigns, even today, as the Lion of Judah and the King of Kings.

"The Song of Christmas"  An in-depth gaze into the Magnificat, Mary’s spiritual song.

"What Did You Receive when you Believed?"  The glorious gifts we possess when we truly meet and know God.

"Does Anyone Care?"  Quite possibly the most asked question individuals ask themselves.

"God Incognito" See God at work in history’s first story of intended genocide that occurred in the lifetime of Queen Esther.

“Hope in These Exciting Days”  Where is our hope found in spite of constant difficulties.

"The Pursuit of Happiness"  Addresses the 10 most common characteristics of depression, it’s causes, with insights from Martin Luther’s experiences and Biblical understandings.​