Meet SUSANNA WESLEY - The Mother of John and Charles Wesley

Historians have called this wife and mother indomitable, intelligent, keen-witted, high-spirited, yet laced with a piety and humility unsurpassed. Some have said that she was, "the most capable woman in all of England in her day".  It was this remarkable woman who raised two spiritual leaders of the Eighteenth Century, John, who unintentionally founded the Methodist church, and Charles Wesley, a pastor, who wrote over 6,000 hymns!
A vivid portrayal of Wesley's rescue from the fire at Epworth Rectory. He recorded in his Journal: "I saw streaks of fire on the top of my room. I got up and ran to the door, but could go no further, all the floor beyond it being ablaze. I then climbed upon a desk which stood near to the window."
Susanna was the last and 25th child born to the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Annesley in London January 20, l669. By her Father's side she studied Greek, Latin, and French, and openly discussed theology as an equal ​​with all the leading divines who visited the rectory as she grew up. Susanna lived in London until her marriage to Samuel Wesley in 1689. In the span of the next 21 years she gave birth to 19 children, 10 of whom lived to maturity. She suffered great hardships and persecution as a pastor's wife, managed a bustling household, attended to household and parish duties, and even survived two terrible house fires. And yet, she had time to make an enormous impact on the individual lives of her children and those with whom she came in contact. Her portrait painted by the imminent English artist, Sir Peter Lely, hangs today in the "Gallery of Beauties" in London. Church history has given to Susanna the title, "the Mother of Methodism," because of her lifelong influence on the lives of her children and the founders of the Methodists.

Through Susanna Wesley's own words and ideas, Rev. Ehrenborg provides an experience in her company whereby one feels the joy, the sorrow, and the triumphs of this great lady of the Christian Church. Rev. Ehrenborg is well qualified to portray Mrs. Susanna Wesley visiting the 21st century. Gwen has led tours to the Wesley's historical sites in England, Scotland and Wales, and gathered research particularly in Epworth, Bristol, and Wesley Chapel, London. "The Mother of Methodism" is well documented from primary sources of both writings of John Wesley and Susanna herself. A slide presentation of the important sites of the Wesley's is included in this dramatic program.