Kathrine Von Bora came from an impoverished family of the lower nobility and was sent to a nunnery at the age of six at the untimely death of her mother. She escaped years later as the fire of the Reformation spread across Europe, by a dangerous plan arranged by none other than Martin Luther himself. The historic marriage of this former nun to an Augustinian monk took place in June of 1525. Dr. Luther's name was well known by this time having almost single-handedly placed the Bible in the hands of the common people in the language of their everyday speech.  During most of the turbulent years when Luther's fame and influence was reverberating across Europe, Martin remained a confirmed family man and stay-at-home professor with his much loved "Katie" and their six children. Together they established the first Christian parsonage, thereby providing a precedent for married Protestant clergy for the next 500 years.  The "Black Cloister" monastery of Wittenberg was given as a wedding present to Martin and Katherine Luther by the Duke of Saxony, where they resided for 20 years with their 6 children.        


Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg as Mrs. Luther, offers a unique and personal look at the life and times of one of Church history's little known, yet historically significant Christian women. "Katie," who Martin lovingly nicknamed, "my rib," will tell you of the exploits of her husband as he challenged the mightiest power on earth in his day, the Roman Catholic Church, and shook the world with a mighty transformation of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ehrenborg is well qualified to portray Mrs. Martin Luther visiting the 21st Century. She has lead tours to the sites of the Reformation, particularly in Eastern Germany, the homeland of the Luthers.  She has studied under leading scholar and Lutheran authority, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery. Gwen has also done personal research into primary sources concerning the life of Martin Luther and studied the Reformation era extensively as well. From these rich experiences, Pastor Gwen shares a colorful look into the daring lives of the Luther's with both first-person drama of Katie and Martin Luther and a slide presentation interwoven into the storyline.